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November 13, 2006



great stuff
as per usual


Beautifully said Bill,...it is so alive...the pharisee's tried to nail it down...couldn't do it. Pax...Ron+

Brian C

A very good treatise on Scripture and its importance in our lives. When teaching about the 'inspired' aspect of scripture in my religion classes, I often proposed that if God 'inspired' the people who had the first experiences or made the lessons, then God also had to 'inspire' every person who passed that experience on orally for centuries. God also inspired those who wrote them down, edited them and copied them for more centuries. The Word would certainly not just let it goat that. God would 'inspire' the people who translated the experiences into new languages and wrote commentary on those. God would also inspire me and the billions who continue to read and seek the Divine in those words. That means that God is just as interested in 'inspiring' me as he/she was in inpiring Moses, David, Paul or any of the Evangelists. Wow that is an awsome responsibility to be that Word to others.

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