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December 11, 2007


Larry Gregan

Evidence of sin in the circumstance does not equal sin in the person. If the action is "necessary", as you say, one is called to do it and it is not sin.

Your language suggests, though, that you really do believe the person's whole action was sin. That is a more defensible position than the conflicted one you are (not too well) articulating - just come right out and say it.

Even better, put yourself in her shoes: you have someone who has already crossed the line into lethal violence (not an easy line to cross) and you have the means to stop it. You are out gunned and you have to pull yourself together in order to cross that line yourself and you experience faith in God as being central to doing that.

Your snide attitude toward "megachurchians" is clouding your assessment of human experience.

And, what's wrong with the security staff being a faithful woman volunteer? Again, the tone you use.

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