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October 06, 2005


Jamie Arpin-Ricci

Whether it can happen again or not, I feel compelled to try!



So many thirsty people out there Bill, it would be awesome to reclaim the the well like Jesus did with the woman from Samaria. Dreams become vision, and vision becomes reality...continue to dream big dreams Bill and Jamie.


this post is a bit old now - so you may not catch this bit, Jamie, but a couple of us were talking about your comment [which, btw, meant a lot] and weren't sure if by compelled you meant in a spiritually-supportive-go-for-it kind of way or a hey-I'd-like to-get-involved-kind-of-way. If it's the latter, give me a call, let's talk - we're putting together a team now. Even if it was the former, give me a call sometime, I'd love to connect over coffee.

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