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May 25, 2005



I thought I had seen everything...whoa! I need to lay down, maybe a little anti-sickness medication...I'm really not feeling to well. Thanks Bill.


I am a conservative Christian, and my political beliefs tend to be conservative too. However, the BushFish gave me chills when I first saw it, and the dominion theology expressed by some Americans chills me as well. At the risk of appearing arrogant, were I to try and refine Corrie ten Boom's words, American arrogance, whether from a Christian perspective, or from a cultural perspective seems to be based on the idea that God is lucky that America is here. "God Bless America" is sung as an act of theological defiance, not as the prayer it should be.

I don't know of any other country I would like to live in, and be able to express my beliefs. But perhaps it is my weakness that keeps me from living in a country where it isn't so easy to be a Christian, not a blessing from God that has come because I am so "worthy."

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