May 17, 2005

May 16, 2005

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images of Jesus

  • Jesus_the_teenage_years
    These images were collected during the dark beta era of cyber-history. I put them up as a possible resource for individuals or groups - and wherever, whenever I have learned that any item is copyright, I have removed it. If you come across any work here that is yours or you know to be copyrighted, pls let me know and I will remove it. thanks.

mary magdalene

  • Miryailibrarian6
    these are a series of downloaded images of mary magdalene in art from the 14th century to the present - sorry they are not accompanied by specific references. the images were part of a three part series at kn/exion [loose worship] called "magdalene".

knox cafe

  • Knox_cafe_full_2
    These are the renderings by the architect, David Penner, for the proposed fair trade cafe, built on the grassy area between the two sets of stone steps on the east side [facing Central Park]. If you would like a complete copy of the feasibility study, email me, and I would be glad to send one to you.