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March 19, 2008


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Cindy Bell (formerly known as Cyd Madigan)

Fred & I are now officially grandparents! Our oldest daughter Erin had her first child in June. They named her Lily Kristine & she is a beautiful reminder of God's blessings.
(We're open to any grandparenting advice!) They live in the Minneapolis area, so we'll be contributing to the gas companies profits as we drive back & forth to visit them.
In answer to some questions, Paul Anderson was living in Madison, WI for awhile. He was married & had at least 1 daughter before we lost track.
Buzz Brice is a Franciscan brother & worked for many years in South Africa. He is now out east - around the New Jersey or New York area?
Bert Reeves lives just west of Edmonton, Alberta. We still hear from him & his wife Rita - mostly at Christmastime.
We haven't heard any news about Jim Deer since the Project days. I think he was from Caughnawaga, near Montreal?
Take care & let us know any other news you may have?
Cindy (Cyd) & Fred Bell

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